Fraud Management Finalized Credit

Timely surveillance of any abnormal or fraudulent behavior of dealers, clients or the Commercial Network

Automatic service to verify the enrollment of registered and financially secure assets

The service was born as a consequence of the consumption credit law introduced with Legislative Decree no. 141/2010, which is aimed at monitoring the practices related to finalised and registered credit and verifying the effective and coherent registration of the financially secure assets.

Sistemia is able to verify, with a real-time automatic process, the data received from the purchaser with the results of The Motor Vehicle Registration Office (MVRO), identifying any abnormalities observed and flagging suspected fraudulent cases.

This allows the purchaser to monitor any abnormal and fraudulent behavior of dealers, clients and commercial network in a timely and effective manner.

Sistemia designed a process able to

  • Verify that the single registration and the transfer are carried out from the dealer, through the MVRO
  • Assign a rating to the dealer
  • Assign a score to the dealer
  • Monitor the status of the single practices
  • Manage the warnings in the sales network
  • Send alerts to the operators on the threshold of entrusting.
  • Identify the operators out of SLA


The platform is accessible online.