Our History

Sistemia was born in 2003 and key objective is offering a simple, but revolutionary service to support tax collection.

By that date, tax collection was entrusted to the bank-owned collection dealers. Over the years, large volumes of receivables were stratified. The absence of effective, rapid and punctual executive procedures had paralyzed the forced tax collection activity that was left to individual office initiatives on individual practices.

The ineffectiveness of forced collection obviously had its repercussions on spontaneous collection, producing significant and worrying cuts in state funds. In this context, Sistemia entered the market with a perfectly industrialised service that, starting from the tax code of the debtor, made possible to find its wealth, to select the most suitable property on which to activate a procedure, to enter into guarantees and manage the next executive phase until auction.

Thanks to a high standing internal competence center, a powerful and robust technological infrastructure, and a network of fast and competent collaborators. Sistemia has quickly become a provider of the entire Equitalia Group and it implemented this process on over 5 million people (physical and legal) throughout the country.

Since 2007, through its strong know-ledge developed in public collections, Sistemia started to develop two main lines of services. The first one in the real estate and the second one in the credit industry.

In real estate, through a strong consolidated presence in the territory via a network of technicians and cadastral surveyors and a deep knowledge of the real estate values, matured with the forced real estate procedures, developed a series of services ranging from activities supporting the investigation phase of a funding to the due diligence, reclamation and sale of particularly complex real estate assets.

In the credit sector, Sistemia developed both support services (info providing, due diligence) and credit collection. In particular, Sistemia industrialised the judicial process of credit collection in the private sector by patenting the MasterLegal® process.

The experience gained in public collecting has made Sistemia the company managing the largest number of executive procedures in Italy.

Judicial credit collection in the private sector doesn’t have the advantage of being able to rely on an executive title issued by the collector agent (as in the case of Equitalia files) but it has a greater flexibility in agreeing to the creditor with the debtor.

Sistemia, through the MasterLegal®, not only industrialized the judicial process for obtaining the executive title (the Decree of Injustice), delivering this service at considerably shorter times and costs rather than the classic legal offices, but it also developed a process that researches the settlement agreement at every stage of the judicial process in a mutually beneficial manner to the debtor/creditor.

In both the Real Estate and Credit sectors, Sistemia is always careful to meet the needs of the market and ready to invest in innovative services and solutions to support its customers.

The Mission

The success of Sistemia is based on its ability to reconcile the demands of businesses, looking for the quality of a professional excellent service combined with the need for cost containment.
The reliability, predictability and standardization of processes represent the qualities sought by our customers who want to rely on a qualified partner supporting them in strategic and decision-making choices.

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In the real estate framework Sistemia aims to meet the needs of banks, leasing companies and real estate funds.
We operate with services of Real Estate Auctions, Remarketing Distressed Assets, Technical Property, Documentary Technical Asset Inventory, Due Diligence and Evaluation.

As part of credit management, we operate both in the banking/financial sector and in utility, such as the Credit Master Service. We are the only player with extensive expertise in the fields of Credit Collection, MasterLegal Services, Leasing Company Services, Info Providing, Identification, Evaluation of Funded and Anti-fraud Assets, Outsourcing and Legal Issues Management Issues, Support for Selling and Acquiring NPLs.

The workgroup know-how has allowed us to use industry-specific expertise to develop complex analytical models, semantic analysis and has enabled us to patent an innovative process, called Master Legal®, for the massive judicial collection.

All phases to implement the company software are realized by the ICT Sistemia Team. The solutions and services offered by Sistemia always have communication and query software interfaces, from B2C web-based services to B2B web service services, secured and delivered through the public InterNet Network or through dedicated channels or VPN networks.

Our systems never sleep, services are delivered 24h, 365 days a year, through Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) network at MIX in Milan with structural convergence ISP features, redundancy and high reliability with delivery> = 99.9%.

Our constantly updated ICT Team operates with Oracle clustered DBMS environments, DBMS cluster MsSQL, SAS Business Analytics software, Redhat enterprise, Apache software & Apache open common, Java enterprise, .NET C #, OOA / D / P MVC N-tier, policy and network management, policy and ICT security management. It has the best development, maintenance, support, monitoring and management tools of over 1,825,000,000 new records/year.

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Meet our Team

Innovation, Excellence and Quality in an Industrial model for Business Services.

Francesco Magliocchetti

Francesco Magliocchetti

CEO, Real Estate Director

Stefano Massa

Stefano Massa

Managing Director

Guillaume Destruel

Guillaume Destruel

Client Delivery Director

Luca Polverino

Luca Polverino

Credit Department Director

Maria Rosa Griffo

Maria Rosa Griffo

MasterLegal® Manager
Marika Pulcinelli

Marika Pulcinelli

AsteRealEstate® Manager
Federica Guadagnoli

Federica Guadagnoli

Real Estate Tech. Manager
Maria Molinari

Maria Molinari

Agency Manager

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