Credit Collection

Tax Collection Authority, we support entities with an end-to-end process from the Tax Injunction

Sistemia is able to support Local Authorities with an end-to-end process

Sistemia Group Ltd. is a leading player at the national level in the support of Tax Collection Authorities, Equitalia and local authorities.

In the credit collection business, we support entities with an end-to-end process from the Tax Injunction to assistance with auction sales of mortgaged properties.

The high specialisation and the flexibility in meeting customers’ needs made Sistemia the ideal partner firstly for banks that worked as Tax Collection Authority, secondly for Equitalia and now also for all local authorities that have decided to undertake the delicate and strategic management of collecting local taxes and administrative sanctions autonomously.

Since its creation in 2003, Sistemia has dealt with over 5 million fiscal codes throughout the country. The combined provisions of recent regulations, which include a gradual withdrawal of Equitalia in the collection of local taxes and the blocking of recruitment by Local Authorities, increased the role of companies such as Sistemia in the dynamic Tax Collection Market.

Sistemia is able to support Local Authorities with an end-to-end process starting from drafting the Tax Injury (instrument provided by Royal Decree n.639/1910) until assisting the auction sale of mortgaged property.

The services that Sistemia offers can be summed up in the following way.

Documentation Drafting for the taxpayer

Sistemia supports the Authority in writing the documents (such as injures, reminders, notice etc.) used by notify the taxpayer.

Notification of Judicial Acts through INS (Integrated Notification Service) of Poste Italiane

In order to mke the documents, Judicial Acts or notices (green envelope), Sistemia developed an IT interface between its own systems and those of Poste Italiane providing the Local Authority with the possibility of notifying such documents by hencemail. This replaces the activity of the Judicial Officers and automates the delicate process of notification.

Documentation Shipping via registered letter or ordinary Mail

Sistemia arranges for the shipping of all other documents according to the rules governing the collection process, for which no judicial notice is required.

Outcomes management

Sistemia, through IT proprietary platforms, automatically gets retrieves and stores the results of the shipping and the images of return postcards, which are prerequisites for the continuation of the collection process and provide supporting evidence for any legal dispute.

Registry reclamation and Deposits in Municipality

Through its highly qualified staff, Sistemia provides registry searches on databases available via the authorities in charge of verifying the correct addresses of the subjects. If the addresses are unavailable at the first notification, Sistemia arranges for a new notification or activate the process of filing and mailing to Municipal authorities.

Procedures management

Sistemia is responsible for following the Authority or the Dealer in all procedures, replacing them with the operational activities required for their development

It subscribes administrative holds and mortgages.

It manages repossession of goods and Real Estate.

It produces foreclosures on employee income and rent rather than on current accounts or pension incomes.

It prepares and advertises Real Estate Auctions.

Contact Centre

Sistemia also provides Authorities with a dedicated Contact Centre, both inbound and outbound, depending on customer needs.

Scouting of property amount

The vast experience in searching the properties and income amounts over many years has made Sistemia the ideal partner to entrust the preparatory activities for the activation of the all precautionary and executive procedures (Aci, Cadastral and Hypocastastic Certificates, etc.).

Legal assistance

Sistemia, with its network of more than 300 lawyers domiciled throughout the country, supports the authorities in all procedures that require the presence of a lawyer.