Remarketing Distressed Assets

Publication of the all advertisements in Top Mode and Marketing Activity Targeted on Real Estate Agencies

Remarketing Distressed Assets Services

SISTEMIA Group Ltd. offers a totally revolutionary and exclusive service in the remarketing distressed assets sector.

Sistemia has been operating for several years in the real estate market and has acquired all the necessary technical and commercial skills to operate in the reinvestment of entire NPL portfolios on market trends, which requires constant improvement and marketing strategies to identify the most successful course of action, indispensable expertise in a dynamic and evolving industry such as the real estate one.

Our web-site platform www.SistemiaOnline.IT is integrated with the portal www.Immobiliare.IT, the national leader in the real estate advertising that publishes in Top Mode and carries out marketing activities aimed at expert and qualified real estate agencies, conducting dem and banner marketing campaigns.

The platform SistemiaOnline allows to aggregate information, roles and responsibilities by accessing and profiling in a variety of ways, enabling all users to have an advanced and easy-to-use tool, ensuring maximum efficiency in sale and data aggregation business, to support decision-making.