Technical and documentary preparation of Asset

We created a web platform and standardised the process of managing the real estate dossier for sale

Services for the technical and documentary preparation of asset

With the aim of solving the problem of the necessary property fulfillment to present the asset (massive deeds), Sistemia designed and standardized the process of managing the real estate dossier for sale.

Sistemia designed a computer platform which can be access by

  • the buyer
  • the seller
  • the independent expert
  • the outsourcer
  • the notary

All the necessary technical and administrative activities are identified and initiated directly from the outsourcer platform, enabling users to monitor the progress of the required activities on the individual positions, both overall and in details, thus providing a clear and precise indication of the status of the activities.

The platform is also used as a documentary repository of the property, object of the conferment.

The same platform is able to manage the technical-property of the asset, it is possible to select real estate clusters having certain technical and geographical characteristics, etc. – with the purpose of identifying perimeters that are items of transfer, alienation and conferment.