Technical Property

Coordination of the Real Estate Technical Service Management

Real estate technical service management

SISTEMIA Group, with its Competence Center, is able to offer itself as the only provider across the country, coordinating all the activities of managing the real estate Technical Services, guaranteeing a standardised and uniform quality control system to support the Customer throughout the management of acquired portfolios.

Check, Cadastral compliance and Construction, to verify the correspondence between the project status, the cadastral plan and site condition.

Arrangement of practices for works to be performed, already performed and with or without authorization.

  • Regularizations
    • Sanitary building practices (DIA / SCIA / PdC / CILA etc.) 
    • Cadastral variations (DOCFA)
    • Insert to Map (Pregeo)
    • Toponymic alignment
    • Cadastral burial
    • Restoration
  • Building Energy Certification
  • Geometric survey
  • Engineering surveys
  • Reclamation
  • Securing
  • Delivery
  • Light Property