Due Diligence

Investigations and analysis on restricted and administrative aspects, cadastral, urbanistic and construction,
technical and construction, and environmental issues.

Due Diligence Services

Within the knowledge and valuation of the real estate, Sistemia through its network of certified technicians offers Due Diligence services, integration and verification of existing documentation, up to the Technical-Administrative Judgement.

  • Technical Due Diligence (ownership, cadastral, urbanistic and construction, locative).
  • Plant and Fire Prevention Due Diligence.
  • Environmental Due Diligence (presence of materials/pollutants).
  • Documentary Due Diligence (technical-administrative arrangement).

The investigations and analysis of Due Diligence related to the technical/administrative documentation provided and/or recovered from the competent offices and the findings of the internal and external technical inspections, architectural and plant surveys, with reference to the following aspects:

Restricted and administrative aspects: analysis of documentation related to duties, servitudes and rights of direct or indirect third parties; verification of the property ownership; verification of occupational / locational status.

Cadastral and urbanistic aspects: analysis of the building framing within the existing norms and verification of their conformity within the projects with building titles and the constraints imposed by the urban layout and conventions; verification of the compliance of the cadastral documentation with respect to the property ownership and the state of the sites; ascertainment of regularity and compliance with the state of facts or indications of any criticality.

Technical-building aspects: verification of technical and architectural features and maintenance conditions; compliance with the main standards in hygienic and sanitary matters, static safety, fire prevention and plant safety.

Environmental aspects: verification of the presence of materials and/or part of the pollutant; waste and water.