ISO 9001: 2008 certification, ABI accreditation, Rcs
Independent Expert with direct network covering all over the country

Real Estate Evaluation Services

SISTEMIA Group has ten years of experience in the valuation of real estate assets and performs its activities in compliance with the highest market standards that ensure maximum transparency, independence and professional objectivity (ISO9001: 2008 Certification, ABI Accreditation, Rcs Independent Expert).

The valuations and Real Estate survey are provided for various and complex procedures for Banks, Financial Services, Leasing Companies, Public and Private Real Estate Funds, Pension Funds.

The evaluation activity is carried out through site-visits, documentary analysis, statistical analysis, reports, etc. – Sistemia is the “Independent Expert” evaluating real estate funds and accredited Rcs for managing, transforming and enhancing real estate assets.

The property valuation, the real estate rights and the participation in real estate companies, in the context of the largest investment decision-making process of the Saving Management Companies (SMC).

Sistemia is equipped with a nationwide network consisting of over 220 people; Engineers, Architects and Geometers with proven experience, centrally guided by a dedicated business unit, and with the help of IT platforms (www.sistemiaonline.it, www.webpegasus.it) and monitoring of peripheral network processing and quality control.