Innovative Solutions

The application of operational research to professional servicesis what differentiates us from our competitors

Advanced services in Market Analysis & Risk Management

Since its foundation, Sistemia has been aiming at optimising services and consolidating a distributed production model that is based on a univocal process and certified quality standards.

The application of operational research to professional services, is the distinctive element that leads Sistemia’s strategic choices and the development of an internal technical team dedicated to the implementation of integrated platforms needed to support business growth.

The technical centre that works in the Legal and Real Estate department shares its acquired knowledge with the ICT analysts on a daily basis. This allowed the creation of a team to be focused on creation and innovation.

At the end of 2011 Sistemia developed a new division fully dedicated to highly innovative IT services.

The business unit, called Innovation Solutions, was created to meet specific requirements in the development of advanced services in Market Analysis & Risk Management. Clients of Sistemia Group Ltd. Include Telecom Italia, Trenitalia, and important consulting companies such as Deloitte and SAS.

Sistemia developed skills, experiences and innovative technological solutions on Gathering Information, Tax Assessment, Data Integrity, Data Governance and Business Intelligence.

The team’s know-how allows us to use industry-specific expertise to develop complex analytics models and semantic analysis which we then us, and we eventually patented an innovative process, called Master Legal ®, which Master Legal aims at increasing the efficiency of the judicial collection around collections.