Innovative Solutions

The Innovative Solutions business unit was founded to meet specific requirements in developing advanced services in Market Analysis and Risk Management.

The operational research, applied to professional services, is our distinctive element.


A balanced mix of highly qualified professionals and IT platforms in banking, finance & utility.
Providing Information, Identification, Evaluation of Funded and Anti-Fraud Assets, Out-of-Court and Legal Debt Management, Support for Selling and Acquiring NPLs.

Real Estate

Technical analysis, promotion and sale of bank-owned assets, leasing companies and real estate funds, Real Estate Auctions, Remarketing Distressed Assets, Technical Property, Documentary Technical Inventory of Real Estate, Due Diligence, Evaluation, in partnership with Gruppo Immobiliare.IT


The services we offer are carefully industrialized and delivered through dedicated enterprise-class IT platforms, all of our servers are attested at the Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) at the MIX of Milan, the main national junction of web.

Innovation, Excellence and Quality in an Industrial model for Business Services

Our strengths that have always led our growth
Reliability, Predictability, Standardisation of Processes

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The Mission

The success of Sistemia is based on its ability to reconcile the demands of businesses, looking for the quality of a professional excellent service combined with the need for cost containment.

The reliability, predictability and standardization of processes represent the qualities sought by our customers who want to rely on a qualified partner supporting them in strategic and decision-making choices.

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In the real estate framework Sistemia aims to meet the needs of banks, leasing companies and real estate funds.

We operate with services of Real Estate Auctions, Remarketing Distressed Assets, Technical Property, Documentary Technical Asset Inventory, Due Diligence and Evaluation.

As part of credit management, we operate both in the banking/financial sector and in utility, such as the Credit Master Service. We are the only player with extensive expertise in the fields of Credit Collection, MasterLegal Services, Leasing Company Services, Info Providing, Identification, Evaluation of Funded and Anti-fraud Assets, Outsourcing and Legal Issues Management Issues, Support for Selling and Acquiring NPLs.

The workgroup know-how has allowed us to use industry-specific expertise to develop complex analytical models, semantic analysis and has enabled us to patent an innovative process, called Master LegalĀ®, for the massive judicial collection.

All phases to implement the company software are realized by the ICT Sistemia Team. The solutions and services offered by Sistemia always have communication and query software interfaces, from B2C web-based services to B2B web service services, secured and delivered through the public InterNet Network or through dedicated channels or VPN networks.

Our systems never sleep, services are delivered 24h, 365 days a year, through Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) network at MIX in Milan with structural convergence ISP features, redundancy and high reliability with delivery> = 99.9%

Our constantly updated ICT Team operates with Oracle clustered DBMS environments, DBMS cluster MsSQL, SAS Business Analytics software, Redhat enterprise, Apache software & Apache open common, Java enterprise, .NET C#, OOA / D / P MVC N-tier, policy and network management, policy and ICT security management, it has the best development, maintenance, support, monitoring and management tools of over 1,825,000,000 new records/year.

Timely survey of any abnormal or fraudulent behavior of Dealers, Clients and Commercial Network

Fraud Management Finalized Credit

The service was created to provide answers to the consumer credit law introduced with Legislative Decree n. 141/2010, aimed at monitoring the practices related to finalized and registered credit and verifying the effective and coherent registration of the financially secure goods.

Credit collection services, end-to-end process from the fiscal Injunction to the assistance for auction sale of mortgaged property

Credit collection services

Sistemia Group Ltd. is the leading company at national level in supporting Tax Collection Authority, Equitalia and local institutions.

ABI accreditation, RCS independent experts
with an interconnected nationwide network


Sistemia is equipped with a nationwide network consisting of over 220 people; Engineers, Architects and Geometers with proven experience, centrally guided by a dedicated business unit that with the help of IT platforms, monitors peripheral network processing and performs quality control.


Sistemia was born


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